We provide a wide range of Mobile Forensics and Cyber Security Services

One-Stop Mobile Forensic Service

MD-FORENSICS is the one-stop mobile forensic service for corporate audit teams, law firms, and business consulting groups.
In the event that there is no forensic team available, it is highly recommended to partner with the forensic service team
at HancomGMD. From evidence acquisition to reporting, we can provide comprehensive forensic support from start to finish.



Basic Service

A characteristic of the mobile Forensic market is that the demand for cyber investigators is highest among the police, prosecutors, and military. Moreover, the demand for special investigation in investigative agencies is gradually increasing.

What we provide;

Supports many kinds of mobile device

  •  Feature phones, smartphones, tablet, smartwatch

Data extraction & analysis

  • Data extraction and data integrity support Recovery of deleted data and decryption of encrypted data
  • Investigation reports on the evidence
  • Generated by MD-RED and commented by mobile forensic experts

Advanced Service

Mobile Forensic is used for service cooperation among law firm consulting companies such as legal service, e-discovery consulting and technical support. The market evolves in the form of service for each intended use.

What we provide;

  • Supports physical rework on the evidence
  • Supports rooting, JTAG and Chip-off
  • Research on the new application and new device

Who Need;

Investigation agencies / Government

The cyber investigators in the three major agencies of police, prosecutors, military, and in other investigative agencies who need to acquire evidence data.

Law Firms

Law Firms who need to submit mobile digital evidence during the legal lawsuit process for their customers

E-discovery and legal consulting firms

E-discovery and legal consulting firms who need to cover mobile forensics as their total consulting service items in eDiscovery or legal consulting business


Mobile forensics is used for conducting audits. In the case of large corporations, their self-inspection organizations can directly purchase our products and make use of it.

What we provide;

    • Mobile forensics service for enterprise auditing
    • Mobile forensics service for financial audit, security audit, internal inspection on corruption, bribery and technology leakage.
    • Dedicated forensics experts support on site
    • Supports Audit reports generated by MD-Series
    • Supports Service contract renewal annually or quarterly

Who Need;

  • Corporate audit team

    Corporate audit team or company that needs periodic or occasional audit including security inspection, internal audit, and corruption inspection


In cases where data stored on the device is missing due to misuse such as data deletion, initialization, or hardware failure,
HancomGMD provides data recovery services for clients using our tools.

What we provide;

    • Mobile device data recovery service
    • For the recovery of deleted mobile device data
    • Recover the deleted messages and files
    • Recover photos and videos
    • Smartphone, car black box, digital camera

Who Need;

  • Private detectives or data recovery service providers

    Private detectives or data recovery service providers who need to do business for individuals to investigate cases. Who need to do recovery service of mobile data.